Monday, May 4, 2009

back to work in Boulder

It is the morning of day 3 of "real" training in Boulder. I got through my four days of acclimatization and am now back to a full program of work. My body certainly knows this already as I am stiff, sore and hurting already! My body is coping well though. I woke to a resting heart rate of 31 the other morning, which at sea level is practically dead, so at altitude is pretty much dead!

The weather has been anything but "beautiful" for the last few days but, aside from a few feet of snow, nothing is going to halt training. On Saturday, I set out on a long ride in about 8 degree Celsius temperatures with sporadic rain. The rain wouldn't have been so bad except that it was so cold. Dressed from head to toe in as many layers as I could wear, I managed to make it about 2 hours before my toes went numb and the cold settled into my legs. My speedy new Felt AR is now covered in mud... yuck!... and is in real need of a bath (which it will get this afternoon after my long ride today) but was such a joy to ride on! It handles so well making me feel like I'm floating over the road. I'm looking forward to getting back out on it twice... yes, twice... today!

Crazy as it is, despite chilly temperatures again yesterday, I still got tan during my morning swim session! Funny how even though my arms were freezing each time they left the protection of the water the sun was still strong enough to brown my back. The weather continued to hold off for my long run which was a really pleasant surprise. I saw the clouds rolling in and thought for sure I'd get dumped on for the last half.

So, the push to Oklahoma is on, with less than two weeks to go until the race! I'm loving being in Boulder, but am certainly looking forward to some warmer weather this week so I can finally take my winter hat off!

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