Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gold Coast Oceania Championships

Tomorrow the Olympic distance triathlon season begins. I am racing at the Oceania Championships in Southport here on the Gold Coast. It is the same site that they will use for the World Championships this fall.

I am excited to race and there is no pressure at all as I have not rested for this particular event. It is simply a chance for me to check in on my fitness and get my 10k running legs under me. It is supposed to be a really hot day, 33-34 degrees and the water temperature is sitting at 27 degrees, so it will make it a tough day for everyone.

I've been doing a lot of running but not as much swimming, so I think the big test will be the 1500m swim. Funny how the swimmer can be most worried about the swim?! Beyond that, I may be helping one of my training partners, if need be, on the cycling leg, so she can try to qualify for a team, and just trying to do all the little things right on the day. The outcome will be as it is but the most important thing is to keep building on everything I have been working on for the last few months.

And so the 2009 season begins...

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Eager to Tri said...

Hi Jenna, I saw your Oceana results online... you were right in the mix for the swim and the bike, but you were off the pace for the run..... What happenned? Not feeling well? I hope it's not your knee again...!!!