Thursday, November 13, 2008

The beauty of Australia.

The first week back training has been wonderful. Since I am still in the process of rebuilding and balancing the muscles in my knee, I have been taking it pretty easy. I am easing back into shape by riding and swimming while keeping a close watch on how achy my knee is after each workout. Most days it has been totally fine and the only reminders of the pain come not while training but rather while sitting for long periods of time. In only a few days back in the water, I am already noticing that my fitness is coming back quite quickly. I'm hitting times that I would normally hit when in much better form, so I hope that is a sign of good things to come!

I also had the chance to go on a little adventure this week to Springbrook National Park. It was actually a workout in itself as I ended up walking a good 6k that day, which is the closest I will come to running for probably another week or so. I really enjoyed the chance to get out and to explore some of the amazing Australian landscape.

It is such a unique part of the world because in the matter of 60k you can go from coastal beach towns with amazing ocean views to the hinterlands with crazy mountain ascents and rain forest like foliage. I wished I could have gone for a run through the park as it was truly spectacular and would be a fantastic backdrop for a long trail run.

One of the many waterfalls at Springbrook National Park.

I took this photo standing behind the waterfall looking down. It was totally amazing. I didn't mind getting a little wet since it was already a rainy day and I was soaked from head to toe as it was.

Springbrook National Park natural arch and glow worm cave. Unfortunately, I was there during the day so I didn't get to see the glow worms in action.

The Gold Coast is only one of the beautiful places I have already seen. Noosa, up on the Sunshine Coast, is absolutely breath taking. I completely understand why the race there is so popular as it is a destination you don't mind travelling to for a race. I can't wait to go back there next year for the beautiful views... and the race!

I am really looking forward to going back up to the Sunshine coast to see Mooloolaba where the first World Cup of the year will be held in March. I have heard it rivals Noosa in beauty.

The view of Noosa town. The swim course is held in that lake below and the bike heads out of town over the bridge at the top of the photo.

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