Saturday, August 23, 2008

Photos from Beijing!

The cable cars that took us to the top of the wall. Reminded me a bit of Kitzbuhel, only we didn't have to go nearly as high up!

The vendors that I bartered with. Who doesn't like $3 chopsticks and "cheap t-shirt"?!

With my mom and younger siblings on part of the Great Wall. My mom and Jake were the champs - they climbed all the way up... I don't even want to know how many stairs and then all the way back down.

Ugly Dolls visit The Great Wall!!

My mother showing me how to climb the wall. I was feeling pretty lazy... after all, I was on a break from training.

With my siblings outside the Bird's Nest on our way to watch Athletics.

The torch from inside the Bird's Nest.

The venue for the triathlon.

Men, lined up and ready to start!

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