Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Packing up... again

The last few days have certainly been a blur.

I took Monday off, as originally planned hoping it would continue to help me pull myself out of the hole I had pretty much jumped head first into. I got into a little bit of mischief on my day off... results of which will be revealed in the next 48 hours... let's just say... it was time for a change.

Tuesday, I was back to training and in the beginning stages of a wonderful summer cold. So, I'm all sniffles now. It seemed determined to catch up with me, as I evaded it once already after Kitzbuhel, and no matter how much I drank or how many mgs of Vitamin C I pumped into my system this time around it was, and is, here to stay. Let's just hope it is my body telling me to slow down and that by Sunday I will be sniffle free and flying through the streets of London in the race.

Tonight, it was time to pack up, again. This is the 5th time I have packed my bike on this trip. Only one more time, and I will be home! It was a project today, as I tried to cram as much as I could into my bike box to meet the very light 15kg weight restriction on Ryan Air. That's what you get for flying cheap! It's always interesting packing as I can't figure out how it is that I manage to accumulate so much stuff along the way. I've thrown a bit out here as there is no point in taking old running shoes home with me, but still, my bag is going to be packed to almost complete capacity.

Tomorrow morning, I will swim once more and then head to the airport. I have a quick flight, about 90 minutes, to London. I am SO excited to see London and to have a few days to walk around and take some of it in. I am also really excited to race there and to make a trip to Hyde Park where the Olympic Triathlon venue will be in 4 years time.

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