Saturday, August 16, 2008

A few days stateside... and now off to Beijing

Training resumed on Wednesday and I was able to get in a really solid day on Thursday. Riding up the coast, taking in the ocean, watching the waves and catching a glimpse of a pod of dolphin was just the bit of rejuvenation that I needed. My swim session was fantastic and much better than I anticipated it would be. Too bad I didn't feel that good in London.

I had to make a trip back into the Chinese consulate today in order to pick up my passport complete with Visa. This is one time when living in a big city really pays off because I saved myself the trouble of mailing it away overnight and in doing so also saved about $150. I don't recommend putting off getting your Visa until three days before you leave, but it is good to know that if you have to, it can be done.

It was an interesting process trying to pack up for this trip as my room looks more or less like a tornado rolled through it. I just have not had time to organize my stuff from Europe (let alone all everything that was mailed back from Boulder) and to figure out what I am keeping and what I am going to donate to Good Will. At some point there are only so many pairs of running shorts and so many t-shirts that I can really wear. It is time to do a bit of late summer cleaning. I think that will be my project for when I return from Beijing! I managed to get everything packed neatly into a little suitcase so that I don't have to check any luggage. I feel so naked without my massive bike box dragging me down! i had forgotten what it feels like to travel as a normal person!!

I also made the decision yesterday, with a bit of guidance from my coach (and my body), to pull out of Chicago. It was a hard one to make as I had really been looking forward to racing there, but with this trip to China and the way I felt leaving Europe, it was pretty much a no brainer. Instead, I will tackle another training block in the final build up to two or three races that I have left on my schedule this year.

I think it is really important to end 2008 on a high note so I look forward to getting back to top form.

And, just in case I can't get online from China the triathlon races will be covered live ONLINE (probably cap coverage, but I guess we take what we can get!). The women race Monday 8/18 and will air 1t 10pm EST on 8/17. The men are on Tuesday 8/19 and will air on 8/18 at 10pm EST. I'm sure if America pulls out some medal winning performances then they will actually cover it on 8/18 and 8/19.

I suppose I should note, for those who don't know, that my brother Jarrod is competing for the USA in the men's event which is the reason why I am making the trip over to China! GO JARROD!

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