Sunday, July 27, 2008

Downtown Poznan!

Despite massive fatigue the thought of real food was carrot enough to get me and my roommate Taryn McLeod (NZL) out the door, into a cab and to downtown Poznan.

I'm really glad we went, as I thought this place was kind of ghetto, but after seeing the downtown, it is really kind of awesome! I guess you just need to be in the right neighborhood!

One of the beautiful fountains and buildings in the square.

Buildings around the square.

Poseidon fountain in the square.

More of the square.

We ended up eating at a really cool restaurant. We wanted Pizza but couldn't find anywhere suitable so we settled for pasta and salad. While we were eating a few Italian men came into the restaurant and sat for dinner. Not long after, we had martini's courtesy of them on our table. They thought it was quite humorous that our numbers were "6" and "9"... what are the odds, right?! I don't really like martinis... at all... but the gesture was nice.

The restaurant.

Hungry doesn't really describe my state at the time...

The famed martinis... I've never had a stranger (or 3) send a drink down to me!

After dinner we decided to walk around a bit to see some more and to try and find some excellent ice cream! I kind of went slap happy and started taking photos of things that only I found funny... but hey.. not all of us could be in Paris watching the end of the Tour today, so Poznan, Poland sight seeing was going to have to do!!

Polish monument.

We found this monument, well walked into it basically, and decided we liked it, okay I liked it, because he had a bike. So we took a photo and come to find out it is actually kind of well known! So smart we are!!


We got a bit lost looking for the right ice cream place...

Hot Dogs in Poland! I can totally read Polish!

Puma store in Poznan!

I love finding my sponsors around the world. Not a surprise to find a Puma store in Europe, but exciting none-the-less. Plus, I had a gigantic ice cream cone at the time and was quite chuffed about things.

No bikes allowed in the square, apparently.

Good thing we didn't ride our bikes!!

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