Friday, May 23, 2008


I will be racing in the Madrid World Cup on Sunday May 25th. Race starts at 10:15am local time. Check on the ITU site for live coverage. I will be wearing number 53 on race day!

I have lots of updates and will sit down to detail some of the exciting and amusing adventures from Spain... that will likely come tomorrow... and then once I'm home in Boudler I will have lots of fun photos to add to the mix as well. I have been on a mission to take more photos this trip, as I usually fall quite short in that department.

With regards to my previous post: I have not condemned anyone. If you read carefully I noted that the B sample must also come back positive for it to be considered a positive result. My thoughts were simply those at my initial reaction to the news that spread through the triathlon community like wildfire. If her second test comes back clean then I will be overjoyed for her and for our sport. A doping scandal is the last thing that triathlon needs.

In other news... WADA did make a surprise appearance today at the race briefing. As we left the meeting they were waiting outside to randomly select 20 athletes. They did both blood and urine testing on them. It appears that whether or not her test clears that WADA is cracking down, as they should, to keep our sport clean.


Levi said...

Ah drug cheats should be condemned, and your indignation is completely understandable. Good luck in Madrid.

IronGambit said...

I just flew in, you just flew out... go figure :)