Thursday, April 17, 2008

From Mazatlan...

So, try as I may... okay, I don't try that hard... I have found my way on to a computer to write an entry.

The trip to Mazatlan was essentially stress free. It was a quick 2 hour hop down here and once I watched my bike loaded safely in the cargo hold I sat back, relaxed and tried to catch a few zzzz's. It was hard for me to believe I was already back on an airplane, I guess it means that race season really is in full tilt now!!

Mazatlan reminds me of pretty much every other coastal destination I have visited in Mexico... Ixtapa and the drive to Valle De Bravo most certainly. There is a strip along the coast filled with hotels and shops that I'm sure is buzzing with tourists all year long.

First project upon arrival was building my bike... again. After that was done, I went out on a little jog with Lauren Groves. The legs were not loving it, but I know how critical it is to shake out the travel and tomorrow they will feel much better. Along the way, admiring the surf, I did a double take. There were two couples frolicking in the surf... nude... completely nude. I probably wouldn't have noticed except that their very white bottoms compared to the very tan rest of the body kind of drew attention to them. Got to love it... it is so unlike America in that way.

Then, while doing some stretching and R.O.M exercises under some shade near the beach, I witnessed about 6 kids getting sucked out to sea. A rip current popped up and they were immediately pulled out above where they could stand. Panic started as the guards repeatedly blew their whistles. Being a former Ocean Lifeguard, I saw all of this happening and knew the kids were in trouble before the whistling even started. I quickly walked down to the beach, prepared to throw off my shoes and go in after them. My old boss, Zeke, would be so proud! The guards finally responded... but it was not really that reassuring because it took them about 10 minutes to swim about 75 meters out to them. I had to refrain heavily from running in, stealing the can, and putting everyone out of their misery. All I can say is, I hope there is a rip on Saturday because I will for sure be the first one to jump in it and get a free ride out to the first buoy.

Now, after the travel and adventures, I'm all settled and will spend tonight resting, tomorrow preparing and then of course Saturday... throwing down. I still don't know what time we start, maybe 10:20am or so, but it promises to be quite hot with some crazy surf and a sunburn for sure if I forget my sunblock! I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Yo Jenna:
Once a lifeguard always a lifeguard! Yes, I'm gearing up for another season in Harvey Cedars....looking forward to the end of the school year.
Sounds like you're doing lots of traveling...tough life you professionals have!
Anyway, good luck with your season.

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