Monday, April 14, 2008

Back in the US of A

I arrived home this afternoon from Japan. It was about 22 hours worth of travel time and it all came completely hiccup free. In fact, I was upgraded from economy, or as I like to call it "steerage", from Osaka to SFO which was probably one of the best things I have ever experienced in life. The flight was over sold and when I went to ask about capacity they just offered me an upgrade. As if anyone would turn that down! I totally understand why people fly Business Class now.

I got a bit of a taste of the luxury when we flew over since Jarrod was seated up there, he brought me extra snacks and I got to see him seated comfortably in his reclining chair, but actually being there, sitting on that seat with your own two arm rests and being fed filet mingon and sushi, just totally transforms your perspective. I acutally felt a bit bad as they brought out each course of the meal because I thought about the not so wonderful food that the people in the back of the plane were being fed. But, after a hard day of racing and with one coming up this weekend, I was not about to trade my position for anything in the world.

Even with the pillows, slippers, tasty food and extending foot rest, 9 hours and a bit later I was still ready to be off the plane.

Once home, I caught up on some emails and then headed to the pool. It was tough to swim at first, as I was tired and hungry, but as I got further into the recovery my body started to come around and I was so glad I had gone. After all, the little things make the big difference, and trying to recover from last week in time to perform this weekend is going to be a challenge.

But, tomorrow it is back to work with my training partners. (I really missed the group and Siri while I was away). I have Mazatlan this weekend and a lot to think about, learn from and sort out from the race in Japan.

I will post a complete blow by blow of the race in the next few days. But for now, I must try to sleep so I can be somewhat with it at swimming in the morning.

Thanks for all the support... pictures, race report and more to come soon!!!

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