Sunday, March 2, 2008

Go Ugly!

Have you heard of Ugly Dolls? Well you should. So, now you have.
This is me as an Ugly Doll (minus the fact that he is a boy). Gato Deluxe. So cute!

A bit about Gato:
"Gato Deluxe is all that! He’s got it going on big time! Just look at him! He’s got a nose, some hands and enough confidence to make you think he’s up to something fantastic! Or at least that’s Gato Deluxe on the outside. On the inside, Gato Deluxe is a real sweetheart who knows he’s all that, big time. Wait, that’s the same. That’s right baby! Gato Deluxe is walking down the street! Like I had to tell you! Try not to stare! Meow!"

Sounds just like me... well according to some friends. Ha. Check out the website Ugly Dolls to find your Ugly match!!!

I currently own and sleep in the company of Abima, Ugly Dog and Babo along with, of course, Gato Deluxe. They will be traveling the world with me this year. (They make excellent airplane companions/pillows). So stay tuned for photos of me and my Uglies from various places around the globe!!

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