Saturday, March 1, 2008

Garmin in 2008!!

I am pleased to announce that Garmin, the forerunner in GPS technology, has signed me on as their first fully sponsored triathlete. I will be working with them in this and coming years to help develop, test and promote a line of really exciting new GPS/Fitness products. I am so honored to have the support of another cutting edge and dynamic company.

The new Forerunner 405 is incredible and when it hits stores in April you should definitely run out and buy one! It is similar to the Forerunner 305 but in a new sleek shape and smaller size (plus it comes in green!). It is easier to use and much more comfortable to run in. They are taking personal GPS to a whole new level! Though, my 305 will still come in handy for long rides with its easy to use bike mount. Keep an eye out for more products and innovations because there is plenty more to come!!

Head to today!!

Also, be sure to check out motion based which is the online upload community for the Garmin products. It will be revamped and expanded with new features in the next few months. It is here that you can go to load your workouts and to check out where other athletes are training. If you look for my profile, you can see some of the rides that I have done in various parts of the world!!


Jamie said...

Damn Jenna. Way to pull in a boat load of new sponsors! Congrats!

Oh, and can you tell Garmin to hurry up with Mac support?
Thanks! Haha.

Scott said...

The Forerunner 405 looks and sounds terrific, good luck with the product testing, Jenna! Meanwhile, I agree with Jamie -- I can't believe the Forerunner won't be Mac compatible until at least the fall!! Do Garmin know there are a lot of Mac users who like to run? :)