Friday, January 18, 2008

New York... in short

New York City was a blast!

I had so much fun with my sister and her roommate. It was so great to get to see the world that she lives in and to let her show me around the city the way she knows it. She really has grown up a lot since leaving for college and I am so impressed at how easily she navigates the city. I was completely lost. I had basically no idea what direction I was walking at any point. I also got to go watch her in her swim meet, which was fantastic. She has been training so hard and it was really evident in the pool. She looked great in her 200 backstroke. We made a stop at Magnolia Bakery (from Sex and the City) and got cupcakes. They were delicious!! On Thursday, we went to the taping of The View for their Friday show. It was interesting to watch the process and to get to see Barbara Walters and Whoopi up close. Unfortunately, it was "plus size fashions" day, so the gift card we were given won't really come in too handy!!

The "business" I had to take care of in NYC went great. The Ultima Replenisher video shoot was a lot of fun. I will replace the old runner on their website,, in a week or so, so you can check it out. I'm really excited to be working with them again this year and to really have a chance to help promote a product that I love. The second shoot was for Kuota and R&A Cycles. It was a lot of fun. I'm not sure where the photos will pop up, so keep your eyes open for them!!

I managed to miss my flight back to L.A. The one time I needed a delay, I didn't get one. Funny thing is, the next two flights were both delayed. So I ended up hanging around in the airport for a while. It was a long day. I landed at LAX around 12:30am. Only to get myself home and in bed for a few hours of sleep before training camp started this morning.

7:15am I was in the pool for 6k and then had a long run this afternoon. I don't really know what time zone I'm in, so right now I'm okay but I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow and probably crash and burn hard later tonight.

It's good to be back, but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the unpacking I now need to do. I guess it will all just have to happen slowly over the next few days. I just want to enjoy being back in my room, my aero bed and with my training group and coach.

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