Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Back in Boston

I arrived back in Boston this afternoon.

I was back for a weekend in October, when the leaves were changing and the weather was that great fall, not to warm but not too cold, weather. I went apple picking and everything was wonderful. But, a lot has changed since then.

Now, all of that is cold, dark and covered in white. As the plane neared the ground, I took a look out the window. While almost everyone else around me grew increasingly excited at the site of the white coated buildings and roads below, I cringed. Snow... I don't really understand why it is so exciting when it just causes traffic jams, accidents and makes training outdoors impossible. Okay, so a white Christmas is always sought after, but I'd settle for a light dusting, not 6 foot banks lining the already narrow New England streets.

It was not as cold as I had prepared myself for, but it was certainly not warm by any standards as I waited outside on the curb for my mom. I'm not sure how I managed so many winters but was quickly reminded of why I decided to try to chase the sunshine.

It was so wonderful to see my mom and we had lots of time to catch up on the car ride home because with the rain turning to ice and snow fall in the forecast this evening, traffic was a mess. But there was little time to rest when we got home because I wanted to get to masters practice for a quick swim with my brother and Alicia.

The swim was good, but I started to feel the travel about 4k in so I decided not to push it. I was supposed to have the day off, but decided in order to shake some of the travel out of my system, so I can get back to work tomorrow, that a short swim was in order. My swim yardage is going to be so high this week as it is, that it was useless to go beyond just shaking the travel out.

By the time we left practice, the rain was still falling and the previously wet roads had gone from wet to sheets of ice. It is all an adventure for sure, but I'm even more positive that I will never live in New England in ice and snow again. So, my mental training begins in the morning as I take all my workouts indoors, starting with a nice treadmill run.

But, on a side note, our Christmas tree is great and I am finally starting to get into the holiday spirit. I've got some serious shopping to do in the next few days. Only "6 more sleeps" until Santa arrives!!

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