Friday, October 26, 2007


After an interesting week, missing bikes, luggage and the packing up of everything I own included, I am back in full training and am counting down to the Treasure Island race in San Fransisco on November 10th. It will likely be my last race for the 2007 season. My first race was way back in March, so it has been a long year and full of more twists, turns and bumps than I could ever have imagined.

I started the year at the Strawberry Fields Triathlon in March. From there I raced in Mexico and Hawaii. I packed up, headed to Spain for the World Cup and then moved to Germany for what ended up being 2 months. While living in the small town of Schneckenhausen, I raced in The Netherlands before returning to the States in July to race in New York, change coaches and move across the states to California. I soon found and hired my new coach, traveled to Colorado, Chicago, back to LA, Dallas and Bermuda to race. So, San Fransisco will be the last stop on what has been a whirlwind tour physically, emotionally and literally.

But in all of that, I have had some incredible experiences with amazing people and I have learned so many important lessons about myself.

After San Fransisco, I hope to, coach approved, take off through Thanksgiving and then get right back into training for next season. I want to be ready to race early in the year and after a solid 12 weeks with my coach and training group here in LA, I should be ready for some long awaited and much needed break through performances.