Saturday, October 20, 2007

Escape To Bermuda, Day 2


Tomorrow is the big day but before I can even think about jumping off the ferry for the swim, I had a few things to take care of.

At 7:00 am my alarm went off. I dressed and headed to the treadmills in the spa so I could get my 20 minute run in before heading over to the "Bermuda Shorts" Triathlon. This race consisted of a sprint race for adults as well as a kids race. We all gathered to watch the kids aged 7 to 14 compete in a 100 or 200m swim, 5 or 10k swim and 1 or 2k run. They were so cute!! They all had little racing bikes and were amazingly fast at their transitions.

After the race, the pros gathered to sign autographs and to help hand out some awards. The kids really enjoyed it and it was nice to spend some time talking to the locals and to the kids. Many of them have been racing longer than I have.

Before heading back to the hotel, I went for a swim in the cove with Alicia Kaye (CAN) and Lauren Groves (CAN). The boys all headed straight out into the murky water but we decided to swim along the shore for fear of running into some Portugeuse Man-Of-War or other "creatures". It was a great swim and I am feeling very ready to race.

After returning to the hotel I went out on a short ride, did some openers (short efforts to get the blood moving to my legs), and have now called it a day. After a little stim on my hip, which has been a bit testy for the last week or so, I plan to put my feet up, and begin to mentally prepare for tomorrow.

The race will live up to its name and be quite a challenge. It is only fitting that it is the new addition to the Escape From Alcatraz Series. The bike is going to be massively hilly and from what I hear the run is quite challenging as well. I am up for it though and I embrace the chance to put it all on the line and test myself tomorrow.