Saturday, October 27, 2007

Busy Saturday

Current Home: Costa Mesa, CA
Current Homestay: Bestest childhood dance friend Jen... and Co. (THANK YOU!)
Current Status: Red Sox Winning. Baking Brownies. Smiling.

Today was a busy one. I've been up since early AM because I volunteered to work at the "indoor triathlon" at TriFit LA where I train. I thought I would help out a little because it is always nice to be able to give back, especially to my sport, and it also made me wake-up and get on track with my training. I got in the pool before the triathlon started and knocked out a quick 1500yd wake-up session. Worked at the race taking splits in the pool. Climbed on the treadmill for some 3 min efforts and then straight back into the pool for my real swim session of the day. I was feeling guilty for taking a few days off earlier in the week so I've been logging a few extra hours and sessions here and there to close out the week.

After all of that, I got in the car and drove on down to Costa Mesa where I will be living for the weekend. I haven't seen Jen in a while, so it was actually a terrific reason to spend some time with her.

I think I will be heading back up to the Santa Monica area on Monday evening though. Costa Mesa is a bit too far south to drive back and forth for workouts. Plus, I had a really nice family, whom I had never met until today, offer to put me up for a while. There really are some genuinely kind people out there. Thank you to all of them!

So far, so good. Being homeless is still amusing me and the fact that the Sox are winning right now isn't hurting either.